Friday 30 May 2014

Bradshaw Brook 30 May 14

Overcast and a bit muggy, did not feel like travelling far went to the Bradshaw Fly Fishers beat. The brook was quite low and had colour, why, I did not find out. I had intended to fish up to Jumbles dam and see where it was coming from. Half way there I came upon a family enjoying themselves throwing skimmers in the brook, so I walked back down to the private stretch.   
The bottom of this picture is a good place to catch fish, down where the three trees are leaning over the brook is a never fail area. I started there and had three fish. All small ones but that's what the brook gives me.
 This one came from the garden stretch not big but the best at the time. 

Oh. forgot. Seven foot rod 4 weight line Blue Dun dry fly, could not see any flies hatching but the fish were taking something and the blue dun worked for me.

Continued catching small fish up to the top of our beat and then moved onto the jumbles stretch, same there, plenty fish but smallish again.

The jumbles stretch is mostly hard fishing, you need to be in the water and as it is not very deep, very careful if you want to catch. Pictured is about the only bit that you could fish from the bank without getting caught up in the trees and undergrowth. I did well only lost one fly, must be getting lucky.

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