Saturday 28 May 2016

River Tonge 28 May 16

Not fished the Tonge this year, today decided to give it a go, well pleased that I did.

Just like all the rivers, the winter floods had changed the Tonge and moved large amounts of stone and gravel.
 This lot has come from above the road bridge down the cobbled river bed
 that supports the road and rail bridges.

 This was the first rise I saw
 Came from the other side of that tree.
 Nothing rising until I caught this one a lot further up river 
 At least three fish rising in this pool, the first one did not stop the others feeding.
 Second one from further up same pool

 Then this much better fish from the top of the pool. Last year I hooked and lost a good fish from the same pool, could have been this one.
 Again I had to go well up river to find this one rising in the pool below.

 and them this one from the head of the pool
Went up to the road bridge but nothing doing so started back down river.

On the way up river I had disturbed what I thought was a good fish in a large pool, went down passed the pool and sneaked back up.  
 This was not the one but who cares, it's a fish.  

 This is the one, just under 15 inches, it ran me around the pool, had me thinking it might not be hooked in the mouth. As you can see it was that's my Adams in it's bottom jaw.
The straight line in the picture is the top of a sewer pipe which runs the length of the river.

Not a great number of fish but two very good ones from what is quite a small river made my day.

Friday 27 May 2016

Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers Beat 26 May 16

Supposed to be a warm day but it wasn't to begin with, still, plenty fish rising. Started just above the weir by the tennis club with 7 foot rod and Adam's dry. A few fish came to the fly before a managed to hook one, not sure if I was to quick or to slow.
As usual not very big but good healthy fish.
Not easy fishing down here, lots of tree cover and it helps if you get in the water, which can be quite deep and muddy. Not a place to be slipping or falling, which I nearly did, more than once. 
I thought that this one was a lot bigger until I netted it and found that it was hooked just behind the gills.
Hooked one here but not for long two jumps and it was away. 

I moved up to behind the score board, nothing doing for me and the same under the foot bridge, so on and up stream.

This one  came from by the tree below.
That gravel wasn't there last year, just one of many changes that the floods caused. Some changes are good some not.
This one from above the sewer pipe weir in the picture above. 
The top end of the pool has changed somewhat, not sure if it's for the good as yet.

Always fish rising here, I have trouble catching normally but got the one above.
Then this one at the top end of the pool.

Lots of changes further up mostly for the bad in my opinion, did not spend much time up there.

Sunday 22 May 2016

Bradshaw Brook 22 May 16

Intended fishing the Flyfisher's Beat others there before me, moved on to fish 7 Acres. Horse day, car park full, ended up parking and fishing up above the bridge. First time I have fished here this year, the floods had changed some bits for the worse and some for the better. Plenty fish rising, mostly very small ones which is a good sign.

Seven foot 3 weight with a new line from Barrio fly lines, well pleased with it, Adams to start and finish with. Missed a couple and then this one caught it's self in fast water half way up the pool.

 This pool is longer and in places deeper than last year.
 This one from the fast water again but at the top of the pool.
I should have moved the metal in the water but I didn't, will do next time.
 Moved up to the stretch below, lots of very small fish rising and jumping missed a couple before I got this one. 
This bit is pretty much the same as last year.
One of the very small ones.
 This one came a little further the same stretch.
 As did this one.

 Orange tip butterfly, I had thought the wings were white on top and underneath. 

 Further up stream came this one, which was the last one as the rain came on.

Like earlier in the week I was not prepared for wet, in shirt sleeves again, silly really as it was looking like rain when I stared. Made a smart move back to the car. 

Thursday 19 May 2016

River Douglas 19 May 16

My first trip to the Douglas this year, It was lower than it expected, but then we haven't had a lot of rain this month, it was forecast to start around three but came nearer to two. Quite warm and overcast with a blustery wind.   

Walked down to the start of the golf course and then started fishing back up with a Blue Winged Olive. Lots of midge and ugly looking black flies (I think they were Hawthorne flies) in the air and a few olives coming of the water. Not a lot of rising fish. 

 First fish was small as you can see and they did not get any bigger as I fished up river.

Maybe just a little bigger.

I did catch one more but it was less than half the size of the others.

The top half of the river produced nothing, could be something to do with workmen putting up a fence along the right hand side by the rail line. 

As I had not expected the rain until three I was in shirt sleeves, so I had to get back to the car to stay dry when it started.