Tuesday 9 December 2014

Walking from Bury back to Bolton 9 Dec 14

Caught the bus to Bury town centre to walk back home via Elton Reservoir.

First went to the "Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre" to see what they had on. Found it a bit strange, how about a crushed Cessna , full size, that had been uncrushed. Is that art or sculpture?

and some strange stuff up stairs in the art galley.

Started my walk going down Manchester Road passed the town hall.
and then off to the right at the Italian Restaurant. 
 Down passed the Rose and Crown to the lane that gets you to the side of Church Central School.
 Then down the steps to the path by the Metro line.
Not pretty but it keeps you away from the traffic.

 Through the tunnel is were I sometimes go to fish the Irwell.

Then passed the cottages to the end of Openshaw Fold
  then to the right.
passed the car workshop to a muddy track along side the Metro line again.

Which brought me out at the river Irwell

and the Monkey Bridge, why its called that I do not know but that is what we have always called it.
 Used to be quite scary when the bigger trains went over it not quite as noisy with the Metro cars.

 Looking down river towards the big weir.
 Through the tunnel and up to the path to the canal.

Mind you the canal is more weed than water, shame.
Over the canal
Up to where the Farmers Arms pub used to be and up the road to Elton Reservoir.

Over Dolly Brook which takes the water from the reservoir to top up the canal.

The sailing club in the distance.
 followed the path by the reservoir.

and then followed the road.
to the path for the Little Reservoir, which I did not take.

 To a run down farm.
and on to a very wet road.

 Good job I had waterproof boots on.
 Off the mud and its all roads for the rest of my walk.
On up to Radcliffe Road and then right towards Bolton Road.

Passed this old mill.
The Bury Bolton railway used to go under the road here, no sign of it now.

The Ainsworth Arms on Bolton Road, used to be called The Three Arrows when I was a boy.
Turned left up Bolton Road until I got to Bradley Fold Road

Where I went right towards Ainsworth. 
very much up hill until I got to Ainsworth Village 

Quite a long way was glad to get there.

Left at the top of the road and passed the White Horse
and the road to the Duke William
by the school
and on to

what I have always called the Dutch House, there is nothing else like it in the area.

Followed the road round to the right into Arthur Lane.
to Arthur Lane Nurseries
 to a farm come stables
 and a very friendly horse who came to have a chat
after the stables some open farm land with Harwood Golf Course at the bottom of the hill

with part of Breightmet Golf Course on the left

then down the hill
and in to Bolton
a bit of Harwood GC
then up hill passed the white house and on to Nab Gate
then all down hill into Harwood

the hill behind the white house's is a tip and a quarry, the hill keeps getting higher every month.

The white building in the distance is the Seven Stars pub and the end of my walk.
Not a pretty walk and not a lot to see, but it got me out of the house and some fresh air in my lungs.

I am sure you will have noticed that the photos from Ainsworth Village to Harwood are taken on a different day than the others. I had to go to the library in Ainsworth today, the walk there was fine as was  the weather. The walk back was mostly in hail and sleet and I got very wet.