Sunday 1 February 2015

Kick Sample Ewood Bridge 1 Feb 15

Very cold wind but a clear blue sky good for walking but not for getting in the cold river.
River still quite high, but not as high as at the start of January when I did not do a sample, very few Olives in the the sample, cased caddis about normal.
 This is where I get in the river and take a sample just below the Ewood Bridge.

After taking the sample I took a walk up the river still some snow and plenty of mud.

Cyclist are the cause of most of the mud. 
 River running near clear.
 The tree that was in the river in the summer has gone, could have been the Environment Agency that moved it. If the river carried it away it would have been down by the road bridge.
Looked very different in the summer.

More mud.
Motorway bridge with the weir in the distance.

The river is taking the path away looks dodgy, didn't fancy slipping into the river , didn't go any further.