Sunday 1 July 2018

Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers 1 July 18

 No fishing in June and not much chance of July being any better.

Did get out for a couple of hours today.
The weather has been very hot with no rain for a while, which tends to be bad for trout fishing. Bradshaw Brook runs through Jumbles Reservoir so we get a steady flow of cool water, also the brook has lots of tree cover,which helps keep the fish cool and healthy.

Because of the heat I went for no waders, a per of old trousers and my wading boots was dress for the day.

Fished my usual 7 foot 4 weight with an Adams parachute missed a couple of snatches and then a nice 12inch fish.
Had three very small fish, just around 3 inches, no fun to catch but a good sign of fish breeding in the brook 
 Had 2 like this further up stream and some more fry.

 Before catching these 2 better fish all on Adams.
Carried on up catching nothing so a slow walk back to the car.

I was going to wear shorts, glad I didn't the brambles and nettles are quite nasty.