Tuesday 18 November 2014

Moses Gate Country Park 18 Nov 14

In my blog on Moses Gate of the 14th of October I made my way back to my start point by a difficult path close to the river. Today I did the same walk except I took the safer path for the last part of the walk.
 When you get to this point with the broken weir down to the right follow the path going to the right not the on going up to the left.

 Which brings you to here where I went down to the right staying close to the river last time. Today I followed the path straight on.
 Good path with not much mud and easy walking until you reach a climb.

You can go to the right but that takes you back onto the difficult path or it's up the steps.
43 steps, not as bad as it looks but!
Another 37 when you get to the turn.

At least when you get to the top you can have a sit down and there is a good view to the right.

If the climb is to much for you the cemetery is very handy on the left.
All down hill from here on a good path.
Which brings you to the back of Rock Hall.
Which looks better from the front.
On the way back to the car saw this chap fishing  the bottom of the weir.