Saturday 6 April 2019

Bradshaw Brook Flyfishers Beat 6 April 19

Not the first trip out this season but very much the best to date.
Rod was a 7 foot cane floating line Coachman dry fly
Started slow, well not even slow, caught nothing for quite a bit some fish rising and missed several before getting a couple of very small ones.  Changed to a Adams Parachute, much better.
                                     Then 3 worth a photo.

 All on the Adams,stayed with it for the day. 

Must mention the weather as it was sunny and quite warm after a week of cold and mostly wind and some showers.

This was just about the best of the day and from a spot that always has fish moving but I normally have trouble catching them there.
Had a few casts and several times fish rose to the fly but just nudged it. I went up stream for a while and then sneaked back and had another try, glad I did.

Ended up with 18 fish, and hooked and lost several as well. 
Went home Happy.