Friday 9 May 2014

Trying the new reel and rod 7 8 9 May 14

The weather has been wet and windy for the last three days, I still managed to try out the new reel on the three weight rod. The reel balances the rod and makes it a joy to cast so I had no complaints.

Wednesday and Thursday. I managed a short fish each day at  Bradshaw Fly Fishers beat had fish both days, not many and not very big either.
On Thursday I also had a hour on Eagley Brook, partly to check the Giant Hog Weed that I sprayed, it is looking to be on its last legs, but also to have a fish.
Caught a few on nymph just below the bridge, then moved down on to the park where I found two more Giant Hog Weed plants, as I thought, the battle seems to be already  lost.

Friday. This morning we had heavy and persistent rain until lunch time when, much to my surprise, the sun came out. Unfortunately the wind didn't drop much. Of I went to the lower beat of Bradshaw Fly Fishers and set up the new rod and reel. whilst I was getting my waders on the wind shut the hatch back of my car, yes I had left my rod sticking out.
One damaged rod, luckily it was the bottom piece that was crushed. I have managed to put a sleeve over the crushed section, I had to cut up an old rod and after quite a bit of messing, managed to cut a section that covered the crushed area and super glued it in place. not sure that I needed the super glue as it was a tight fit, better safe than sorry though. It look a bit strange but I don't care as long as it fishes OK, time will tell.
I still had a fish, always have more than one rod with me. Back to my six six rod with the new reel, caught two on nymph and then fish started to rise. Changed to a Adams dry and had four more, again quite small ones. I didn't stay long as I had the repair job on my mind.

The forecast for the next four days is for sun and rain, I don't mind fishing in the rain but it's the rivers that are the problem, up and muddy. At least Bradshaw Brook with its controlled flow means there is  almost always some where to fish.

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