Sunday 18 May 2014

Irwell Ramsbottom to Stubbins 18 May 14

Miserable end to a poor week. Mentioned early in the week that I could not get to the river at Stubbins so today I parked in Ramsbottom and fished up to Stubbins, nearly, Dry fly up Nymph down. I say fished, I might as well have not bothered. I did see a couple of fish rise but not to my flies. Another stretch of river that looks much better than it fishes, for me at least.

Plenty of likely spots, good riffles and fairly deep pools, shady lies and good tree cover in places. All that was missing was fish, as a passing cyclist commented, the cormorants have had them all, could be true, I hope not.

As I said I have not had a very good week, could it be the change in the weather, we are having hot sunny days which is strange for us this time of year. I hate to say it, perhaps we need some rain, it is forecast for Tuesday or Wednesday.   

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