Thursday 29 May 2014

Rivers Irwell and Roch 29 May 14

Yesterday was miserable wet day went to Ted Carter's fishing tackle shop in Preston. First time I have been there, very large shop with all kinds of fishing tackle course and game. Bought myself another wading jacket which I wore today, its better than my other one but still not perfect.

Today I went to Kearsley where last June a sewer pipe burst in the middle of the river. It has been fixed for some time now but they are still tidying the area up, should be finished very soon.

 The river looked good but I found it up on what I had expected which meant that I could not fish where I intended.
 Below is where the pipe goes under the river.

 I did wade up to one of the Islands, but decided that it was to fast and deep to go further up.

 Further down from this part of the river is the outlet from Boltons WWT Works (sewage farm) pictures below.

It never stops running as far as I know.

The Swifts and Martins were having a great time feeding around me so there must have been flies about yet no fish were rising.

Moved to the Roch in Bury hoping for better sport, it was up as well, but not enough to stop me fishing. Didn't start very promising, again no fish on the rise and some colour in the water. Fished a goldhead copper john nymph working down river, not expecting much. 

Had my first take 100 yards down from where I started, did not get it to the net. Better luck with the next one, which I caught in a spot that I have seen a fish rising before but never been able to catch it.

  I did not have to move very far before I got my next one which was a little better than the first.

Another twenty yards and I got my third and last of the day.

Plenty of Martins and Swifts as on the Irwell and the river, in places had masses of Water Crowsfoot growing in the water which is good as it grows in the shallower faster water and gives cover for the fry and smaller fish.

Still overcast no sign  of sun at least the rain stayed away and it was getting a little chilly so home for tea. 

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