Tuesday 6 May 2014

Shopping for Tackle and a little fishing 6 May 14

Having got the new 3 weight rod last month, I have been looking for a suitable reel to go with it. Not easy to find 3 weight reels, ebay is one way , but you are not always sure what you will get.
Google'd "fly fishing shops Manchester" and got "Stockport Flyfishing on Shaw Road, Heaton Moor, Stockport". Good website and a good range of quality tackle. I liked the Sage 2230 reel at £109.00 so checked that the had one in stock and then drove there to pick it up. Very pleased with it, a quality light weight reel that I will be trying out tomorrow, weather permitting.

On the way back from Stockport had a look at the Irwell in Salford, surprised to find it up and dirty, I had not realised how much rain there had been during the night. Also went to check on the  whether the Wilson Bridge over the Croal in Farnworth was back in use and it is, the contractors are still clearing up but the bridge was open.  Then to the Tonge, which was not up, the rain must have been heaviest up the Irwell valley and not so much around Bolton.
Ended up at the Bradshaw Flyfishers beat to have a quick fish and before home. The brook was as low as I have seen it this year, a few fish rising. Caught two fish only, one 8 inch fish and this one that just went 12 inches, always a good fish on Bradshaw Brook.
Already had some rain this evening and more forecast through the night, will have to see what tomorrow brings. I do want to try out my new reel on the new rod. 

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