Saturday 17 May 2014

Irwell Bury Ground, Ladyshore and the Roch at Waterfold 15 16 17 May 14

 Thursday started at Bury Ground had a couple and lost what felt like a good one, this one was about the best, not much but at least it's a fish.

On the way home I went to have a look further down river at Wellington St. Did not look good and not much room to get at the river, the Giant Hog Weed was all along the bank apart from a small area by the foot bridge. Despite the water looking dark and oily there were fish rising, had a couple rise to my dry fly I did not manage to hook any.

Friday went to my favourite place for not catching much, Ladyshore, and as usual I did not catch much. I had one fish and topped up my sun tan, arms and face only. The trouble with hot weather is no matter what they say about waders being breathable you do get hot and sweaty. Of course getting in the river helps and  that's where I spent my time.

 Saturday warm and sunny again, went to Waterfold on the Roch. Fishing not helped by three teenagers joining me in the river. What can you do, they were enjoying themselves so I just let them get on with it. They moved down river and left me to wait for the river to settle down again. Had a couple of risers and caught on of them. Waded back up to the car park without seeing any sign of fish, decided to go home via Wellington St . Nothing rising this time so home.

Looks like this hot weather is here for a few more days, not sure that that is good for the fishing, we will have to see.

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