Thursday 22 May 2014

Better 22 May 14

The weather has changed, it is colder and we have had some rain but not the amount that was forecast, hopefully we will get more either tonight and or tomorrow.

Fished Bradshaw Brook at 7 Acres. Started with a nymph on my new 7 foot three weight and the new reel off course. Caught lots of small browns  mostly above the road bridge. best fish on nymph was about nine inches, not big but good enough for the small brook.

Moved down below the bridge and changed to dry fly as there were olives hatching, still catching mainly small fish with the occasional better one. Good fun trying not to get stuck up the trees whilst casting to risers in shallow water. You only get one chance with most of them, one cast and they are on or they are off.
This one was on and took a blue winged olive as did all the others. 

I am not sure whether this is beautiful or scary, if they ever mutate to the size of a pigeon they would frighten the life out of me  

I have had better days but I am not complaining after last week I just needed to catch some fish and at least I did that. 

Is it just me or do all fishermen meet people who know a better place either up stream a bit or which fly would I should be using. I try to smile when they have gone.

I am not to keen on people watching, normally they get in the way or put a shadow on the water, but today two young ladies stopped as I caught one of the best ones after a blank twenty minutes. I  usually get in a tangle or catch a tree when on display.  

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