Wednesday 21 May 2014

It's Got to get Better 20 May 14

Tuesday 20 May. Hoping for a better week after last weeks poor results. I started on the Irwell at Radcliffe, the river is getting low with no rain for over a week now, the brown alga is taking hold again. As is the giant hog weed, had to wade up river rather than walk the bank to avoid it.

Tackled up with a streamer, thought I needed to try something different, I did catch one, in a way. Thought I had a better fish than it turned out to be, it was hooked just behind the gills, which caused it to spin as I brought it in. Thankfully the hook had not done much damage and the fish swam off OK.
Had one other take that I missed, then decided to go to Springwater Park and see if it was any better there.
Before leaving Radcliffe I spoke to a Chinese lady who was with a group of people collecting the new Bracken stalks by the river side. She told me that they were going to eat it, which surprised me as I have always believed that it contained toxins that were dangerous the animals and humans. She said that they cooked it first and then dried it. When I got home I did what we all can do and "googled" it and was further surprised to find out that it is eaten in lots of places around the world. YOU MUST COOK IT IN A WAY THAT REMOVES THE TOXINS FIRST. I will not be trying it.

Springwater was no better, in fact it was worse, did not stay very long.

Wednesday 21 May. Needed to catch some fish before I get suicidal' Bradshaw Flyfishers Beat was the answer, I hoped.
Seven foot rod, the new reel, adams dry fly, caught six small and I mean small trout above the footbridge by the garden. Thought I was in for a goodish day, but as I moved up stream the adams stopped working. Still fish rising, tried different flies could not even get a fish to take a look. Getting despondent, put on a Hairs Ear nymph and stared of back down stream. Caught a eight incher second cast and that was it. Had a chat with a fellow member and started our way home.
Bolton Boys were playing Bury Boys at cricket so I stopped for a while to watch, very impressed by the standard of play  I will have to find out when other matches are going to be played. That's if the fishing doesn't improve.
Plenty rain forecast for tomorrow hope it improves the fishing.  

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