Tuesday 22 July 2014

Irwell Summerseat 22 Jul 14

Manage to fit in a couple of hours fishing this morning at Lower Summerseat, very very hot and bright. Couple of fish rising below the road bridge tried them with dry and nymph to no avail. Moved above the bridge to get in the shade under the Sycamores and caught one and lost one to a hares ear nymph.

I have taken pictures of the Sycamores that grow in the walls along the bank before and probably put them in an earlier blog but here they are again.
When I think about the millions of twirling seeds that the sycamores produce each year and how most never get to grow, even the ones that land on good damp soil and still never get to germinate. Why would the ones that landed in the gaps in this wall get to produce full grown trees in this totally unlikely position. As unlikely as it may seem they are not the only ones in the wall just the biggest of over a dozen or so. I must point out that the wall is a retaining one and is only three feet high on the land side so the trees are rooted in soil.

The fish I caught and the one I lost came from under the trees in the picture above.

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