Saturday 12 July 2014

Irwell Bury Ground 12 Jul 14

The river still did not look to good, mind you the long pool above Bury bridge weir never does look pretty. I had to force myself to tackle up and fish.

Started with eight foot rod floating line non tapered leader and two spider flies. Never got a touch fishing down river across river and up river. Changed to tapered leader and two and half pound tippet with a Blue Winged Olive dry fly.

Not much sign of fish rising fished to likely runs, first take was a good fish not that it stayed on for long. Nearly decided to pack in, had one last cast hooked another that came straight at me and left me with line all around me and no fish.

Moved up a few paces hooked and landed slim 14 inch brown, the picture would have been below if I had not forgot to take my camera. As always when you catch one had to keep trying for another one, which did not come, so back to the car.

Up by the middle weir was man spinning in the bottom pool, he came for a chat at the car park and showed me pictures of trout that he had caught with Rapala lures in the Irwell. Made me think, am I doing the wrong thing trying to catch with fly. All of the pictures were of fish bigger than most that I had caught, including a couple well over five pounds.

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