Tuesday 22 July 2014

Irwell, Roch and Bradshaw Brook 17 Jul

Not getting out to do much fishing at the moment the weather is either very hot and sunny or raining all day. Did get out last Thursday and went to look at the Irwell and the Roch and then back to Bradshaw Brook. Did not fish either the Irwell or the Roch but took a few pictures of the Roch in Bury.

Yes I know it looks great but on this stretch I have never caught fish or seen a fish rise.

I ended up on the Bradshaw Fly fishers beat by the cricket club at least there were fish rising there. Did not catch much and had dog trouble, a couple bring there Alsatian for a swim most days it seems. Or is it only when I am there, anyway what can you do but get into an argument or say nothing and move. Caught 6 very small ones on dry fly.  

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