Sunday, 1 July 2018

Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers 1 July 18

 No fishing in June and not much chance of July being any better.

Did get out for a couple of hours today.
The weather has been very hot with no rain for a while, which tends to be bad for trout fishing. Bradshaw Brook runs through Jumbles Reservoir so we get a steady flow of cool water, also the brook has lots of tree cover,which helps keep the fish cool and healthy.

Because of the heat I went for no waders, a per of old trousers and my wading boots was dress for the day.

Fished my usual 7 foot 4 weight with an Adams parachute missed a couple of snatches and then a nice 12inch fish.
Had three very small fish, just around 3 inches, no fun to catch but a good sign of fish breeding in the brook 
 Had 2 like this further up stream and some more fry.

 Before catching these 2 better fish all on Adams.
Carried on up catching nothing so a slow walk back to the car.

I was going to wear shorts, glad I didn't the brambles and nettles are quite nasty.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Bradshaw Fly Fishers 12 Apr 18

Fished the bottom beat on a cold and dull day, only 2 fish but one was a good one, for the brook.
 Started down here, not pretty with the sewer pipe running down the side of the brook.
 It is even worse than what you can see, as there is a storm sewage outlet to my right, as I took this picture.
No sign of fish and none caught until I got to the pool up where the pipe seems to end. 
The pool had a fish rising and it came to my fly, I felt it but did not hook it.Tried it with a nymph had a touch but again did not hook it.
 Caught a small one here and missed another one.
 Nothing from here.
 Quite a bit further up stream before I caught this one, my best fish from the brook this season. 
 Came from the narrow bit just above the tree stumps.
 There were two fish rising down at the bottom this bit. I tried three different flies and never got one to even take a look.
 Fished on up through this without anything, cold and dispirited, made my way home.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Bradshaw Brook

Sunday 8 April 
Fished Bradshaw Brook caught 2 fish. Funny day olives coming of the brook but saw only two fish rise, which were the 2 that I caught. Used a blue winged olive for a change.
  This was the best one.

Wednesday 11 April
Cold day but not much wind, fished the Fly Fishers top beat on Bradshaw Brook. Plenty of fish rising to olives, bwo worked again. Caught 7 fish and missed far more, hooked and lost 3 fish.
 The best one
 The rest were like this one and smaller.

I had a lot of fish come to the fly without taking it, remember having the same trouble last year. I think it is very small fish that find my fly to big to take, could be wrong.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Dirty places in Bolton 24 Mar 18

Where I wanted to fish is not easy to get to and there is a lot of the remains of the industrial past along the bank side and in the water
I had to wade down to where I wanted to start fishing trying not to disturb anything on the way. When I got down as far as I could, without risking getting in over my head. I had a rest and my lunch, an apple, before starting fishing back up.

I did it that way as I like to fish dry fly no matter what. I started as usual with a seven foot rod 4/5 weight with a Adams Parachute fly.

 I caught this one after three or four casts thought I could be in for a good day.

I had to do lot of hard wading and casting under trees and around Japanese Knotweed, getting caught on both, before I got to where I saw my first and only rising fish. I was in two minds about changing my fly which was looking pretty battered, I did not want to wait as I had seen the rise. So I left it on and second cast it was taken.
 As near as damn it 18"
I thought that I was loosing it more than once as it got the line rapped round it twice and was out of the water more than enough.

The fly really was in need of changing after the battle. For some reason I put an ordinary Adams and carried on for another hour catching nothing. Feeling the cold I went home.


Thursday, 22 March 2018

Fishing when I Can.

20 Mar 2018. Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers Beat.

Cold and sun shine, for a while, then it got colder. No Fish rising, not a suprise.
Fished dry fly caught one fish, mostly walked and looked.
  Around 12 ", Winter lean.

22 March

Cold as usual not looking very promising.

Lost 4 flies to the trees and caught 2 fish and did a bit of pruning, mostly brambles.
Started with Adams Parachute lost 3 to the trees, put on an normal Adams and caught the two fish.
 This one the best, over 12 inches but again slim.

If you would like to see me catching the 2 go to youtube

Saturday, 17 March 2018

New Season Opens 15 March 2018

Started the season on Thursday 15th, cold, wet and windy,  the rain eased in the afternoon but not the wind. Went to Bradshaw Brook, a bit were I knew it would be quiet and mostly out of the wind.

7 foot 4/5 weight with one of my trusty old Young's Beaudex reels. Started with one of Dave Bendles drys which has a ring on the shaft for adding a dropper shrimp, in line. No sign of fish as I started until I got half way up when I saw one jump down stream of me.

Tried a few casts down to it nothing doing. Decided to change to last years favourite fly, Adams parachute which got me a couple looks without getting a touch. 

Carried on up stream into a valley where my luck changed and I caught the one below.
An OK fish just over 8" but quite slim after a hard winter. Turned out to be my only one of the day, never mind it's a start.
Very drab at the moment but spring is on it's way soon.

Saturday 17th

Very very cold with a biting wind and snow flurry's. Same tackle as Thursday with Adams again.
Fished a part of the Tonge that is very hard to get down to and even harder to get out off, that's now. When the Balsam, Knotweed and Hogweed are up it can be a no go area. The effort was in vein, looked OK but nothing doing.

Couldn't go home blank, tried bit of Bradshaw Brook on the way. Only one fish again but very very pleased with it.

    14 " which is a very nice fish for Bradshaw. Like the one on Thursday a bit on the slim side. It did not come to the net easy and had to keep it out of the brambles a couple of times.
I will be very very pleased if I get anything as big again in the brook this season.
This happened while I was typing the blog, not a lot I know but I had thought we had finished with snow for this year.
My youtube channel

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers Beat 29 Aug 17

I fished the bottom beat yesterday and had more fish than today when I fished just the top of the top section. The fish today were of a much better quality and did not take as long to catch.

As well as catching a couple of good fish, for the brook that is, I lost 2 others by trying to net them too quickly. 
The first  good one took quite some time to net as it managed to get in tree roots more than once and was hooked in the back of the trout and took a little time to get back in the water. Which meant I had to keep it upright until it recovered, which it did thank goodness. So I was trying get the next fish into the net as quick as possible, the result we all know, live and learn.
  This one from yesterday, only photographed to show the fingerprints which indicate that fish is in it's first year of life.

Today's first fish is a bit different
No fingerprints and quite a bit bigger.

I had not noticed the fingerprints or known what they indicated until I was fishing with Dave Bendle a couple of days ago when he showed me them and told me what they were.

Dave has a Blog which is well worth a read, link below.

   This was the other decent fish just 12 inches.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

River Tonge Deep & Dirty 20 Aug 17

Link to video of trip on youtube.

Worked my way into the Tonge from an industrial estate, down a overgrown bank strewn with rubbish that had been fly tipped. Children's toys, a fridge and what looked like some ones bedding and clothes, along with the usual drink cans and plastic bottles. The river it's self was not as bad as I had anticipated mostly river flotsam with some jetsam of course.

Fished a 7 foot 4 weight with a Adams shuttlecock dry fly. 

As with all rivers and streams in Greater Manchester the banks were lined with Japenese Knotweed , Himalayan Balsam with a quite a lot of Giant Hogweed. Along with fallen trees, brambles and nettles.
  As in the photo above the river was narrow in places and always with snags to the sides and above. It was also deep enough to make me thankful for my chest waders in places.
Anyway it looked promising despite the fact the there were no fish to be seen rising, did not turn out that way for quite some time.

 As you can see from above it did widen out at time but the banks were still very steep most of the time, which meant most of the time was spent in the water.

  With an occasional walk on the bank.
Missed a couple before netting this nice fish.

 A few nice looking runs produced nothing.

And then I came up to an old weir which I did manage to climb, I do mean climb passed it.
 Some good looking bits of water above the weir which did not produce.
also some Giant Hogweed.
and a large sewer outlet, with more Giant Hogweed
This is back where I started, with the fridge on the bank. No I did not climb the wall to get out of the river, there was a lower bit near bye.

Lost three flies in the trees and caught just 3 fish, not sure if I will try there again.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers 15 Aug 17

Started at the top end of our water and caught my first fish above the top sewer weir. Well I lost one and then caught one.
The video of the catch and a lot more is on youtube
 I moved up to a walled section of the brook, although the picture makes it look very bright it a dark stretch under the trees with dappling sun which can make it hard to see a fly on the water

 This one came from the bit above.
 Not that pretty but it does hold fish.
 One from a mucky glide

 Looking back down the brook.

Most of the rest of my day is on youtube apart from the one below which was the last fish of the day.

The brook is always murky clear water we just do not get, well sometimes in the winter which is not much good for us.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers Beat 2 Aug 17

Rained all morning, very heavy at times, most places would be to high to fish. Except Bradshaw Brook of coarse, it's flow is controlled by Jumbles Reservoir, we do get extra water and some colour when it rains but it is usually still fish able on our beats, and so it proved.

The afternoon was fine with some cloud, extra colour in the brook but fish rising to something.

Usual tackle 7 foot 4 weight with a Young's 1415 reel (old but dependable) floating line, 12 foot of tapered leader and tippet with a dry blue winged olive, size 14 to top it off.
 Started  here and straight into very small fish.
 This was the first one of any size.

Moved up above the weir.
 Same again a couple or three small ones, plus a nice one that jumped out of my hand as I tried to take it's photo.

Up to the awkward bit below, need to get the fly close to the brambles on the right and not get caught in the stuff behind. Doesn't look much but it is deep by the bank. That's the whole of the brook going through that narrow bit.
 Managed to get the two below and only have two tangles.

 Moving on up catching nothing until I arrived at the glide below.
 Plenty of rises left right and close by me at times.
 This one was almost first cast.
Still getting very small ones and the odd one a little bigger.

As I was casting up stream a fish kept rising about six foot to my left as I stood in brook, I ignored it as I thought it would be a little one in the shallow water. It rose again as I was about to move up to the next pool so I flicked my fly to it. The best fish of the day, below, was the result. Just shows to go you, as somebody said, I think in a film.

 Same old same old from here small small small.
You can see how murky the brook was in the picture.

Finished off here and went home pretty happy.