Wednesday 11 April 2018

Bradshaw Brook

Sunday 8 April 
Fished Bradshaw Brook caught 2 fish. Funny day olives coming of the brook but saw only two fish rise, which were the 2 that I caught. Used a blue winged olive for a change.
  This was the best one.

Wednesday 11 April
Cold day but not much wind, fished the Fly Fishers top beat on Bradshaw Brook. Plenty of fish rising to olives, bwo worked again. Caught 7 fish and missed far more, hooked and lost 3 fish.
 The best one
 The rest were like this one and smaller.

I had a lot of fish come to the fly without taking it, remember having the same trouble last year. I think it is very small fish that find my fly to big to take, could be wrong.

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