Wednesday 23 July 2014

Bradshaw Brook and River Tonge 23 Jul 14

Another extra hot day promised had me up and out much earlier than normal to try to start in the cool of the morning rather than around lunch time. Plenty of rising fish on Bradshaw Brook, but no sign of flies on the water. Started with dry fly, three changes and still no fish. Changed to a couple of spiders, two snatches but no fish in the net. Tied on a Hares ear nymph and caught the one below.
The only fish of the day.

Family business at lunch time did not take as much time as I had expected and left me time to check out the Tonge. Not much water, I could see a few fish but had trouble getting anywhere near them. Again dry flies raised no interest and a nymph did no better.

The weather forecast for the next four days is sun sun and more sun with maybe some light showers on Sunday so I don't hold out much hope for better fishing this week.  

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