Thursday 17 April 2014

Bradshaw Brook 17 April 14

Two days of sunshine and back to the cold wind and cloud today. April in the Lancashire don't know why I expect anything different, oh and it started to rain at 4.30.

Bid for a 7 foot Grey's Missionary on ebay, didn't get it.

I put the new ring on my 7 foot split cane last night and tried it out on Bradshaw today. It's a 6 weight seems strange to me for a 7 footer anyway it worked well enough, once I slowed down and gave it time.

Bradshaw was low today, the lowest I have seen it this year. Started on the cricket club stretch with a nymph, caught 5 small trout, moving up towards Jumbles,cleared two lots of line from the trees, one had a spinner on it. Pick up three spinner cases marked "Trev's Tackle £3.99" Poachers are also litter bugs.
Once I got to the Jumbles stretch fish were rising , changed to a Caddis fly and started catching small ones, missing and loosing as many as I caught.
 Looking up.
 Looking down, nice wall goes back to the Bradshaw Mills days.

As I moved up I started to catch some better fish, and plenty of small one as well. The caddis was get a bit battered, switched to a Blue Wing Olive. Caught my best 2 fish up passed Bradshaw Fishery car park.

Not specimen fish but a lot better than most that I caught today.

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