Wednesday 16 April 2014

River Roch 16 April 14

Wednesday sunny and warm, for April, second day on the trot,  expecting a good hatch and plenty of fish on the rise. the Roch it will be.
First I need a new stripping ring for my 7 foot split cane. They did not have one at Dave'Aquarium, which is also a tackle shop, also had a look at their fly rods to see if they had a 7 foot 3 weight, they did not. Next was Elton Tackle in Radcliffe, never been there before, got a ring, not perfect but will do. They do not have fly tackle so no rods to see.

The Roch looked perfect, 8 foot rod with 2 dry flies, Blue Winged Olive on the tip and a Adam's on a short dropper. No sign of flies or fish rising, went up river casting into likely spots and getting nothing.

Had a rest on the bank and took this picture of mating beetles, well they look to me like they are mating. 
Carried on up river still nothing as far as fish go,
but I was pleased to see that the Sand Martins are back from Africa and nesting in the river bank.

This is as far as I go up the river the banks are to high to fish from here.

Started back down river seeing nothing and catching nothing until I found this dead Pike.

I moved it onto the bank for better look, not sure why it died, or whether I am sorry, I do not like to see dead fish. On the other hand how many trout did it eat before it died.

Not far from the dead Pike, I at last, saw a rising fish, and then another. Several casts to both with no reaction
I change the fly at the tip to one that I was given last week and at last a fish.
This 15 inch beauty was the only fish of the day. 

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