Friday 25 April 2014

Irwell Summerseat 25 April 14

Did not expect to fish today but I did. Made the short trip to Summerseat, ignoring the forecast of rain. It did not look promising, cold and no sun to mention, I still started dry fly.

8 foot rod, Grey's reel with floating line and a Greenwell's, nothing rising as I started up river.

I was a good way up before I saw any movement, one fish rose and then nothing, decided to wait it out as casting blind was not producing any takes.
The wait produced another rise and a good fish, 10 or 11 inches a good start.

He had a good splash and jump so I moved a bit up river. Another good fish about the same size.

The rain that had been promised became persistent, so now I was wet and cold, but I carried on.

I think this one was the best fish of the day but not the last.

This one if smaller it wasn't by much.

I had one other fish, a small one, then decided I had had enough of the rain and cold and packed in for the day.

Saving the new 7 foot 3 weight for Sunday.

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