Wednesday 23 April 2014

No Fishing this Week 19th to 26 April 14

Why no fishing?

This the reason, or more precisely they are the reason. My daughter has left these two with us for a week, whilst she is in France with the grandsons, who are skiing with my son.
To sum it up "it seemed like a nice idea at the time". They are more trouble than we expected, but also a lot of fun. I wish I could soak up some of their energy. Long walks do not seem to tire them at all, but they do me.

I have ordered the 7 foot 3 weight rod that I have been promising myself, see earlier blogs, not as easy to get one as I had thought. Found one on the web at Carters in Preston, good job I rang
before making the journey as they do not have 7 foot rods in stock. Ebay was not much better, either cheap and nasty or silly money. Just hope what I ordered turns out OK.

Rod arrived Thursday, Hope to be using it on Sunday.

I know it has nothing to do with fishing but I must say how glad I am that MOYES has gone.  

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