Friday 18 April 2014

River Tonge 18 April 14

The sun is back not a cloud in the sky and it is quite warm again. I expected there to be a good hatch, but there wasn't, still fished dry fly and caught a few.

 The Tonge was low and very clear, it looks like an OK river in places.
 But you do not have to look far to see rubbish.
 And even worse, note the sewer overflow. I did catch a fish just above here. 
And her it is.

This is the start of the Tonge were Eagley Brook and Astley Brook meet.
Astley Brook comes from under the road bridge Eagley on the right.
Caught this one where the waters meet.

From there I walked back down the river to where the Bolton Blackburn Railway crosses the river and started back up.
Lots of Giant Hog Weed down here, in fact not just down here it is every where on the Tonge.

Caught this one  by the stones on the right in the above photo.

A bit further up came across these 2 Mallards with 4 ducklings, didn't think they would have started yet, must be a few days old as there are normally more ducklings to start with.
The mink or the rats always get a few.

 I usually catch fish on this stretch but not today.

I went home via Eagley Mills, to check on the Giant Hog Weed that I sprayed with poison last week, sad to say it is looking fine. It Did say on the packet that it can take a couple of weeks to work, will check again next week.  

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