Sunday 30 March 2014

River Tonge 30 March 14

The Tonge was running lower than I expected and Chrystal clear. Fine day with a misty sun but still the chilly wind. Parked in the lower valley, 6'6" rod again and determined to fish dry fly, fish rising or not.

Went to where I caught last week, just above a weir. Greenwell's to start, nothing rising, pricked two fish then nothing. Moved down and hooked one in fast water, didn't get it to the net though. Two Canada geese in the next pool so I moved down to the footbridge, hooked and lost a couple more, getting a little despondent.

At last a fish and not a bad one.

Missed a couple more before caught this small.

Then one a little bigger.

Got out of the river and walked down to the rail bridge and started fishing back up. 

The first fish caught it's self, I hadn't realized that the fly was under the arches whilst I was sorting a tangle, when sorted I found I had this fish on.

The next two were caught in fast water and were my best of the day.

That's it for today don't think I will be fishing tomorrow, but will be on Tuesday.


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