Wednesday 26 March 2014

Double Blank. 25/26 March 14

Blank One

Tuesday fished the Roch in Bury river up some and just a little colour, threat of rain but it stayed off.

Nine foot rod floating line two nymphs, no sign of olives or rising fish, not a sniff near the car park which is usually good for a fish or two.
I tried to go up river to my favourite spot , which meant wading across the river, took a few steps then thought the better of it, the other days soaking came to mind.
Moved down river, which I usually do in the water, to much water so down the bank. This reduced the areas that I could fish by over 50%.
Went to where the weir had been taken out and had the usual result, no fish, I will catch a fish there one day, hopefully. Another spot that looks like there should be fish, where I catch nothing.
Moved up to my "guaranteed to catch pool" thrashed it to death with no result, rested and had my lunch, an apple.
Gave it another go and had a take, it came out of the water and was a good fish, would have been my best of the new season, played it for a while without getting it close. Made a run down to faster water then turned and was gone. Had one other snatch which I missed then back to the car.

By the car park there were three boxes of empty carlsberg bottles, at least the retards had not thrown them in the river, put  then in my boot and and took them home for recycling. Better than finding them smashed, or in the river on my next visit.

Blank Two

Intended to fish the Roch again this time at Goshen. When I got there the police were in attendance as travellers had taken over part of the car park. Decided not to leave my car unattended and went to.

 Irwell Springwater Park Whitefield, same as Tuesday river up some and a little colour.
Same rig as yesterday and an even worse result, not a thing, one or two flies came by but again no fish rising. Never mind there is always another day, just have to decide where to go tomorrow.

As I was packing up got into a conversation with a chap called Andy who also fishes the Irwell, swopped some tales and info on places to fish and what Salford Friendly were trying to do to improve the river and keep it free to all.

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