Saturday 2 May 2015

Irwell Ewood Bridge Kick Sample 2 May 15

Dirty Alga filled River Irwell at Ewood Bridge and I expect the rest of the river is the same. Plenty of rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow will, hopefully, wash it away.
  Did my sample and found very few nymphs, a big drop on last months figures. The Cased Caddis numbers remains about the same and that was it.

After the sample I tackled up my 8 foot and put a Blue Winged Olive and went up river looking for something on the rise. 

Nothing looking likely until I got up by the motorway bridge, where there is a lot of bank damage.  

 But still some fish on the rise

This one jumped and splashed about putting every thing down in the process.

 This one came from pool below which is up above the bridge and weir. 

On and off rain was a bit annoying, and it was cold, especially when my hands were wet.
 Carried on up river towards Townsend Fold.
 I have not been up this far,wading, for a long time.  
   A few good looking pools but nothing to show from them.

At Townsend Fold I carried on up river to the weir which is almost in Rossendale. 
 Have caught fish up here but not today. 
Under the tree is usually good for a few but not today.
Same for this spot, even with the sewer outlet above it.

Started back down river passed this sad, to me, sight.
 Just one very young duckling, what has happened to the rest, she should have lots more.

Caught this one at the same place as the first one.
Lost my fly in the undergrowth and as it was now raining quite hard made my way back to the car and home..

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