Sunday 10 May 2015

Bradshaw Brook & River Tonge 10 May 15

Colder than forecast but no rain, went to look at the Irwell at Bury Ground, still high and dirty.
This is yesterday not quite as bad today still too high for me.

Back to Bolton and Bradshaw Brook at 7 Acres. 
8 foot 3 weight rod Blue Winged Olive, started up river to go under the road bridge.

Looking back down river  
 caught this one just below the broken weir.

and this one.
The pool just above the bridge, usually good for a few fish but not today.

 Started to catch in this long, for the brook, glide

Not massive but all good very health fish, these are just the better ones.
Got a bit awkward as I moved up, lost the BWO, put on a Iron Blue

 This one from the fast water above.

and this little one from above.

Moving back down to fish below the bridge .
 Passed this awful smelly overflow.

Didn't catch below the bridge, went to the River Tonge to finish off the day.

Below the rail bridge.
 The bridge
 Above the bridge
 Giant Hog Weed is everywhere that the Japanese Knot Weed has not taken over.
We have Balsam and Knot weed on the Bradshaw but thank goodness no Giant Hog Weed,yet.
This one from the fast water above and a couple of others.
 More Hog Weed.

This one from the above  glide, plus a few others.

On the way back to the car what's that with the white bum

Not a mile from the centre of Bolton.

Had a good day for a change, it didn't rain and it got warmer as the day went on.

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