Thursday 14 May 2015

Irwell below Nuttall Park 14 May 15

Another place that I have not fished for some time. Mainly because I do not catch much here.
 After yesterdays warm and sunny, I dressed for the same. Bad decision. Good job that I had a warm coat in the boot.  
 Started here with a hares ear nymph fishing down and across. Nothing.
 Same nothing here.
 Had a snatch in the fast water, nothing else.
Bit better here hooked and lost a small one.
 Waded across by the trees, tried a different place coming back which was also a bit dodgy.
 Still nothing in the fast water.
 Fish rising by the wall ignored my nymph going down and my Iron Blue dry coming back up. 
 Couple rising at the end of this pool, nothing to nymph, changed to Iron Blue same effect.

Waded back up to foot path and walked to just below Nuttall Park and got back in the river.

 Nothing showing here.
 Fish rising here and got a couple to have a look at my fly, but that's all. 
 Manage to tempt my first fish here, nothing to shout about.

 Up above the railway, the far bank has change since last time I was here, it's private land. 
 The river splits here around an island.
It forms a very nice pool and usually holds some nice fish, like the one below.
Caught one small one from the same pool and then made my way back to to the car to warm up.

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