Friday 1 May 2015

Bradshaw Flyfishers 1 May 15

Not been out for a while, managed to get to Bradshaw for a few hours. Sunny but a cold wind so I tried to keep out of it.
 Looking Down stream.
Looking back up.

Started by the cricket pitch with a nymph, couple of snatches, no catches until I went behind the tennis club where I had 2 very small ones.
 Looking down towards the road bridge over our only patch of weed.
Water Crows Foot, why only here? I say it is because it's the only stretch of the brook that has no tree cover. The brook at 7 Acres Park has masses of Crows Foot where there are not many trees.

As I moved out of this small area which bordered with a main road, the road to the cricket club and a very steep bank topped by houses and another main road. I was surprised to see a Deer, I have seen quite a few but never this close to roads and houses.

Changed to dry fly, Blue Winged Olive, and  went back up by the cricket club and the foot  bridge, caught three or four small ones missed twice as many.

Carried in up stream to the sewer weir caught a few below the weir and three above it. The best fish a good ten inches jumped back in as I tried to take its photo.
This was the best of the rest, from below the second sewer weir.

Took this pretty little flower on my way back to the car.
Just noticed that the time on the photos is wrong, I forgot to change the time when we went to British Summer Time, a few weeks ago.  

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