Thursday 2 April 2015

Bradshaw Brook 2 April 15

Since my last Blog the weather has been a mixture of heavy rain and hail with high  winds and it's been cold as well. River level have been mostly near to flooding levels and most certainly no good for fishing, I could not do my monthly kick sample yesterday the Irwell was far to high, I will check again tomorrow, as today has been dry sunny and quite warm.

Jobs around the house stopped me going fishing until this evening, when I tried the Bradshaw fly fishers beat, I had had a look yesterday, it was high and muddy. No change today which surprised me as it usually goes down very quickly, Jumbles must be over flowing.

I still had a go, put on 2 gold head nymphs, a shrimp and a copper john on the tip. Did not use a dropper put them both on the main line spider style.
 Walked up river casting where I could, without wading.
     First and only fish, took the copper john on the point, as you can see.

 There were signs that the water had been over the grass bank at some stage over the last few days. 
 I know it does not look to high, in fact I would love it to run at this depth all year, without the mud of course.
I don't think it got high enough to flood the garden on the right, but it does sometimes.
 The heavy rain  also meant that the sewers could not take all the water so the the man hole cover popped and the river got a load of sewage, again.  A bit of sewage we can live with, the wet wipes and sanitary items are much harder to live with. 

More heavy rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow but dry for the weekend.  

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