Sunday 5 April 2015

Irwell Little Lever 5 Apr 15

Glorious sunny and warm day, not what is expected in early April. Down to the Irwell which was running fast with still a little colour in the deeper bits.

Tackled up with a 9 foot six weight with a copper john nymph. Started below the broken weir, nothing doing. Moved up river still nothing. 
Plenty water
   and sun and a few flies coming of the river.
Back down to the weir, more flies rising but no fish taking them.
Further down was much the same.
Still no sign of fish, have the cormorants had them all, I hope not.
Readers  from last season will know that I come here quite often and have more blanks  than catches.

Keep thinking I will stop coming but then again, I have had a couple of good fish and lost one or two big ones. It's a nice quiet spot and does look to good not to have plenty of fish.  

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