Monday 18 November 2013

Walking from Rawtenstall to Burrs Country Park near Bury 14 Nov 13

Took the bus to Rawtenstall and started my walk at the confluence of the Limey and the Irwell.
The River Limey on the right.
The Limey runs through Rawtenstall and is restricted by walls as is the Irwell.

The Irwell flowing down to join the Limey.   
Here they meet by the bridge.
The Irwell flows on passed Tesco.
Opposite the rail station is Granelli's Ice Cream Parlour perched over the river. It  wasn't open so I missed out, I remember their ice cream from when I was boy in Bury.
Looking up river towards Tesco's.
Looking up river from the bridge at the start of New Hall Hey Road, which I followed to get to the river lower down.
Looking down river from the same bridge.
After crossing the rail lines go under the arch marked "Deliveries" to come out here by the river.
 Looking back up the river to were it comes out from underneath a factory.
Looking down the river from the footbridge that allows you to walk down either side of the river to the next bridge. I went down on the right hand side.
 Good dry wide path along this stretch.

An old weir, one of the many on the Irwell. The banks still partly walled but looking more natural as we move down.
Starting to look like a proper river,but not for long.
The path is still good, this is looking back as the sun was to bright to take photos the
other way. At the end of the path you come to some cottages and then a road. Turn left over the bridge.

Looking down from the bridge, back to a walled river.
Over the bridge we are moving into an industrial area keep going and turn right before the signal box. Follow the road to the gate of "K Steel" you will see a small gap in the fence to your right, don't worry it is a right off way, cross the car park towards the sheds on your right. You will see a sign on one of the shed to where the path goes behind the sheds. you are now back by the river.
The path at the back of K Steel.
Just out of, you know where.
One of my favourite fishing spots moving down to the road bridge

Take care the river is undercutting the bank and the path.
This fence is constantly being moved back as the river washes away the bank.
The weir by the road bridge.
The path down from the road bridge is very wet and muddy take great care especially as you get near to Ewood Bridge. 
Ewood Bridge, the place I do my Kick Sample each month.
The start of the path to Irwell Vale passed the wrecked Stand Sport Club, soon the path gets very muddy then quite steep.
 Then down hill and dry, but not for long soon back to muddy.
Then you come out onto the road at the Vale. You can cross the bridge by the river Ogden go through the church yard and walk down the right side of the river or just continue down the road, by the river, to the next bridge.
Go to the left of the bridge down the river and up onto the old rail line, which is now a tarmac path to Chatterton.

The old rail line, easy walking.

When you reach the end of the rail line go under the bridge and look for the path on the right by the houses, which takes you down the right of the river. Keep close to the river through a small gate and you come out by the road bridge with a foot bridge next to it. go across the foot bridge and then cross the road and go down by factory. Keep to the right of the farm.
Then follow this path and then the road until you arrive at the main road in Ramsbottom.

 Go up hill then follow the sign for Nuttall Park. Down to the footbridge over the river you can go either side of the river to the next footbridge. I went right side.
From the footbridge take the path at 45 degrees up the hill, I followed the path that stayed on top of the hill and takes you down by the railway line. The other options are to go left down the hill towards the river quite soon after you get up to the top, or go a bit further and then go down hill. All three bring you out quite close together in Summerseat near the road bridge over the Irwell.
View of the railway bridge in Summerseat. 

 Go over the bridge and keep right by the side of the cottages then left onto Miller Street passed the Rail Station under the bridge turn left down the river to the next bridge where you  go left over the railway line to the path up the hill.
When you get to the tarmac road turn right down the hill and follow the signs to Burrs Country Park. The path takes you along and above the river until you reach the weir and the feeder at Burrs that supplies water to Elton Reservoir which tops up the Bury Bolton canal.
Top of the weir.
A large weir I don't think any fish can get up this.
The feeder comes out the top of the weir.
Further down into Burrs the feeder goes over the Irwell.

Elton Reservoir is some miles away from Burrs and is still supplied with water from the feeder which is now mostly piped and covered up. 
I left Burrs and caught a bus home.
Bit short on photos for some parts, sorry.
Did this late at night sorry for the mistakes hopeful I have now edited them out.  

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