Monday 4 November 2013

The Three Reservoirs on Bradshaw Brook 3 Nov 13

Saturday evening, through the night and today we have had torrential rain, thunder and lightening and hailstones. So I thought I had better check to see if the reservoirs had overflowed.

Jumbles is full to overflowing which means that Bradshaw Brook is getting the good flush through that it has  needed all summer.
 First time for some time that water is coming through the main tunnel.

I was standing on a bridge to take the top picture this one I just turned round and looked downstream.

This is the overflow for Jumbles , not very interesting to look at.
This spot looked very different on 5 October.
5 October.

Wayoh was much the same except we have a proper overflow to look at.
Now that's some piece of engineering much better to look at than the thing on Jumbles. But of course Jumbles was built in the 1970s and Wayoh was built when we where rich and ruled the world.
This where the water goes on its way to Jumbles, we used to do thing properly in the old days.The building at the bottom is the water purification plant of United Utilities. 

Just Entwistle to go to now, surprise, surprise it wasn't full. Don't understand why that would be?

 It is up from last time we looked but there is still some way to go.
This is how it looked on 8 October. shouldn't be long before it is full if this rain continues. 
Which it usually does at this time of year.

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