Friday 1 November 2013

Last blog re Bradshaw Sewer Works 1 Nov 13

Well  the workmen have pulled out so I guess that what we have got is all that we are going to get. You might guess that I am not totally happy with what has been done.

The top pipe is now a small weir and it looks as good as can be expected.

The second pipe biscuit an grid repair looks OK, the work to stop water eroding the bank, not as sure about.
I can not believe that the two iron stakes holding the logs against the rocks will last for very long. We will need to have a good look at more support on our next work party.

The work on the bottom biscuit and grid I have covered in earlier blogs an I am still not very happy with what has been done.
It Still lets raw sewage leak into the brook after heavy rain, not good at all.

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