Friday 1 November 2013

Jumbles, Wayoh & Entwistle Reservoirs 30 Dec 13

Lots of rain earlier this week so I went to see how the levels of the reservoirs had changed, as expexted they were up quite a lot but still not full to overflowing. Jumbles is up more than I expected, the first photo was taken 5 October and the second on the 30th.

Wayoh is near to the overflow, looking forward to see it when it happens.

Not far to go, should look quite spectacular if we get lots of rain.

I am not sure that it will overflow the water company may just take more for drinking water. They could also open the bottom sluce instead of letting it overflow, but why bother it will go into Jumbles which ever way.

I went up to the Entwistle as well it is up but still a way to go. 

Can you see the fisherman, didn't see him catch anything.

This is the overflow never seen it in action. Never saw this fellow catch either

The Entwistle is a private club trout water, I hope to be a member next year. It is stocked with Rainbow trout each year and also has some brown trout as well.

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