Friday 1 November 2013

Irwell at Ewood Bridge 31 Oct 13

Did my monthly kick sample at Ewood Bridge the river was running pretty high and the sample was low in numbers of insects.
Took some photos up river of Ewood  Bridge.
 The weir just above the motorway bridge
 Looking down river to the motorway bridge
Looking up river above the motorway bridge
 Looking down at the same stretch as the one above.
 Again up and down the river to show the erosion 
The fence has been moved back about six times over the last year there is a good chance that the path will not be there next spring.

A good spot where I catch trout in the summer.

This area is one of the better looking stretches of the Irwell, not the only one, but certainly one of the best, even with the road bridge crossing the river. 

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