Friday 11 September 2015

Bradshaw Brook 11 Sept 15

Started at the Fly Fishers beat below the tennis club with a 6'6" rod and Olive dry fly, looks OK down there, as you can see.
For some reason I do not catch much down here and today was no different.

Once above the bridge I change to an Adams and started to catch.

I then noticed that my line was not through the bottom snake eye, or so I thought, when I checked I found that one of the legs had come loose and I was about to loose the eye. Put the eye in my pocket and continued fishing, it didn't look to good but it didn't stop me catching.
 This one did not want it's photo taken
 So I turned it round and took it again,
 The fish below, which was just over the 12 inch mark came from the water above.

 When I got back level with the car park and went and changed rods to my 7 foot one, glad to say it did not change my luck.
Whilst at the car having my lunch time apple a chap came asking about places to fish in the area. Told him about 7 Acres and Eagley Brook and Salford Friendly Anglers. 

Fished up from the cricket club and then photographed more invasive plants, mostly Himalayan Balsam on the way back down.

It was still quite early so I went to 7 Acres Park.
 First fish was a nice one and I was soon into plenty more.

 Not very big fish and it is not easy getting at then. 

 This is up above the road bridge.
 Yep he ended up back in the river, to slippery to hold. 
 Got it back out and took a proper photo. 

  Not the biggest fish but it is great fun catching them, as long as you keep out of the trees and undergrowth. Which I managed to do today, for a change. Never lost a fly must be a record for me. 

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