Tuesday 15 September 2015

River Tonge 15 Sept 15

Went to fish the Tonge in the lower Valley area, as soon as I saw the river I new there was a problem. The river bed was coated with a grey brown sludge and the water was an unhealthy murky colour.

I went up river looking for the problem and found it along side Waters Meetings Road at a Combined Sewer Outlet (CSO)  that was discharging raw sewage into the river.

Not a pretty site. (tried to put a video of this on the blog, did not work)

I phoned the Environment Agency and reported it, I just hope that they get United Utilities to sort it out. The outlets are only supposed to discharge into the river in storm conditions and not on dry days.

Did not bother fishing, but waited to see if any action was forthcoming and to show anybody who turned up where the CSO was and how the get to it. I waited in vane. Will check tomorrow.

Got the video to work at last.
Wednesday 16th Lunch time, went to see it had stopped discharging, but it was just the same as yesterday. Phoned the Environment Agency again.

Friday 18th Went down to see if sorted glad to say that it was though it still looks nasty.

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