Friday 18 September 2015

Bradshaw Brook Fly Fishers Beat 17 Sept 15

Fished the top beat by the cricket club, brook was running a little higher but still murky. Decide to try down by the bridge, don't usually do very good down there, but the day was a good day for a change.
  As you can see it does not look very pretty looking down to the weir. It's deep and muddy here and as you can see no chance of seeing fish unless they rise. which they were doing. 
Looks much better looking up steam. Though there is not a lot of room for casting.
My first fish was soon in the net and good size for the brook, soon to be followed by a few others.

Five good sized fish all on an Adam's dry, I think it is the first time that I have caught 3 fish over 12 inches in the on one day on the brook, plus two that were not far off 12.
Looking back towards the top of the glide that I had just fished,
 and then up to the next deep pool. The bottom end of the pool is shallow and usually has small fish rising, which I never can catch. Then goes very deep, again with fish on the rise, larger ones, usually, again hard to hook. The top end is shallow fast water, the bank with no trees and above, is the place that I get most of my fish. But not today.

The stretch below is one that I do not fish often, looking down stream to the foot bridge. The left bank is someones garden which runs right to the brook bank.I have never seen anyone in the garden, or the house come to think of it. They must all work during the week and I have never fished it at the week end.

Yes that's a raft that somebody tried to sail down the brook did not work as there is not enough water.

This pool at the top end is usually the best bit for fish.
Caught a few all about the same size as this one before moving on up.

These are the best of the ones that I caught on the way up to the top pipe, where I left the water and went looking for more invasive weeds to photograph for

It never ceases to surprise me how places that I catch fish one day produce nothing on another. One place that I usually walk right past, today produced three fish and a good one missed and not a rise to tempt me, I just cast in hope.

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