Wednesday 24 June 2015

Two Sunny Days for a Change 23/24 Jun 15

Went to the Irwell in Bury yesterday, I am trying to limit the growth of the Giant Hog Weed, with some success. If I can keep the stretch, that I am working on, from having hog weed that stops you getting to the water, this year and hopefully the next few years, I will be very pleased. It helps that it is one of very few parts of the Irwell's bank, below Bury Bridge, that is not as yet totally over run by the weed. For a change it was sunny and warm, in fact to warm for the digging and chopping that I was doing.

Had a little fish as well, nymphing for a change, had a couple of snatches and was about to give up when I hook the one below.

Today fished the park stretch of Bradshaw Fly Fishers, started near the car park and fished down stream nymph, gold head peasant tail.
 It's amazing how different the trout in the Irwell look compaired to the brook fish.

 Still running dirty but still not seeming to bother the fish.

 The last of the ones on nymph, changed to a dry fly and started back up. After eating my lunch, an apple. 
 First on the Adams, it took the fly as it hit the water.
 Far to much tree cover down here even on a sunny day like today it's quite gloomy on this stretch.

Plenty fish but not much for size until I caught my last and best one under the road bridge
Just over 12 inches a nice fish to finish

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