Monday 22 June 2015

Is this really Summer 22 Jun 15

The weathers been all over the place, rain that you do not want to be out in, but not enough to do the rivers much good. It's not been that hot either, turning into a normal British summer.

Last Thursday I forced myself out to fish the Tonge in the valley. The Giant Hogweed is something to be seen, as is the Japanese Knot Weed. The soil by the river must be top grade. 

 I did catch a few fish the usual small ones.

 All on dry fly
   River needs a good flush through.

Saturday went to the Douglas, it rained for a while but again not really enough to clean the river, just enough to make fishing unpleasant.
The river did colour up a bit so I fished down stream nymph, had plenty takes but could not get anything to the net.
 Fished down to the footbridge then got out of the river and walked down stream. Changed to a dry fly and started back up. Not much better luck but at least I netted this one.
Strange how some days I seem to become an expert at hooking and then releasing fish before they reach my net. I also lost three tippets, and flies, to what I can only blame poor knots. Being cold and wet does not help. In the end I had so much trouble trying to tying on a new tippet I gave up and went home. 

Rain again today, not a lot just often. Went for an evening fish on Bradshaw Brook it was cold and dull did not promise much. The brook is looking very sad, it's dirty and has lots of alga again. 
A couple of thunder storms are the only hope of cleaning it up. 

Even so it is still fishing quite good. 
 Fished a Copper John Nymph to good effect.

It brightened up a bit so I changed to a dry fly and caught three little ones

and then this one, best of the night.

Trouble was as it got brighter the midges came out in force and started to eat me, made a hasty retreat to the car.

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