Saturday 6 June 2015

Bradshaw Brook 6 Jun 15

Cold and windy, what's going on with the weather, mind it's England you just never know what you are going to get.

Started at 7 Acres above the bridge, very little sign of fish, used 7 foot and Greenwell's same as yesterdays finish.
 Changed to a BWO and caught this one and 2 smaller ones in the glide below. 
Moved up stream nothing moving and nothing caught.

Moved to Firwood by the wood yard, walked down to the weir and move up looking for fish. Nothing again until I was passed the footbridge and into the second glide. Caught a couple of little ones casting blind. This glide is very dark with high banks both sides and lots of trees.

Having trouble seeing my fly, changed to a larger one and caught this beauty.
 13 inches and a good fish for Bradshaw.

 Soon into this one not a big but again a good fish. 
 Couple of small ones and then another 12 inch, it jumped back in before I could get a picture. 
  Moved on up and lost another good fish and landed some small ones. Then called it a day.  

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