Thursday 9 April 2015

Irwell Ewood Bridge 9 Apr 15

Before I started fishing I went for a quick look at the Irwell  at Townsend Fold.
 Not a long stretch up from the bridge towards Rawtenstall, nice pools with some good fish. 
 Looking down to the top of where I fish to when coming up from Ewood Bridge. 
These three came to see me and let me pet them, was hoping the owner would appear so that I could ask if they eat Himalayan Balsam. Might be one way of controlling it.

Then to Ewood Bridge where I started down at the rail bridge for a change.
 Nothing doing down there, kept moving up river until I was

 above the bridge and found some fish rising, Iron Blue got no results changed to a Greenwell's Glory had few fish coming for look but did not manage to hook any. 

Carried on up river seeing nothing and catching the same until I was above the weir where I had my first fish.

Greenwell's today catches fish, last time here Iron Blue did the job. Who knows why, not me.
 This one was a very lively fish in the water,
and out, good fish too.

Both came from this bit of water.

Moved down below the weir and had my last fish.
I still wonder about the colour of the Irwell Trout, they are very silver with few coloured spots. Must be something in the water.(sorry about the photo) 

Tried farther down again, still nothing doing. As I got to Ewood Bridge I could see an ambulance and firemen on the road, thought there had been a traffic accident. Turned out that it was a cyclist who had gone into the river not far above the bridge. Explains where the fish had gone perhaps.   

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