Sunday 19 April 2015

Bradshaw Flyfishers 19 & 20 Apr 15

Couple of hours starting by the cricket ground, after some nice days today was cold cold.

6` 6" rod for a change, Greenwell's dry behind the score board, couple of looks that I missed then this one.

From under the first tree. Then nothing even though fish were rising. 

Change fly to a Iron Blue and moved up to the footbridge, missed half a dozen before I got this.
   Missed a couple more then moved up passed the garden.
To here were I caught nothing. Until I moved above the weir.
 Where I caught this one. 
Dipped the camera in the stream again, water on the lens, good job it's water proof.
Never seem to catch anything in this stretch and today was no different.

Moved up to below the top weir, nothing on the Iron Blue, changed to a Adams, had three very small ones, called it a day, to cold to enjoy it. My fault I should have put on a warmer coat.

Monday 20th.

Went for a hour in the evening hoping for a good rise after a warm day, there were some fish rising but not many. .
This Alga is getting worse by the day and starting to choke slow moving bits. We need some heavy rain the clear it.
 Fished the same area as yesterday caught 3 fish two very small and this one

 Disappointed, as I expected to see lots of  fly life after a hot and sunny day.

The water is still cold as it comes out of Jumbles reservoir which takes time to warm up, so why are we are getting so much alga this early in the year.   

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