Wednesday 15 July 2015

Eagley & Bradshaw Brooks 15 Jul 15

Managed two short chances to fish today, this lunch time had just over a hour by the cinema in the valley on Eagley Brook.
 It's a long time since I have waded up this part of the brook, plenty places to loose flies.
 And loose fish this is me doing my ops wheres it gone trick. 
 It was still hooked so I got another chance, had a good grip of it this time.
 This a giant giant hog weed, the photo does not do it justice. 
A little better but still quite small. Only lost one fly so quite pleased, Adams dry fly.

This evening had much better fishing on Bradshaw two about 10 inches and the rest 6 to 8.
 The first and just about the best
 This one pushed it close.
 These three came from behind the score board.
  Moved up stream and caught smaller ones.
 Change fly from an Iron Blue to a BWO to catch the rest. 

Ended up with 10 fish very pleasing in one hour and a half. Started to get bitten so I got out of it. Couple or three Tuborgs at home were calling. 

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