Tuesday 28 July 2015

Bradshaw Brook 28 Jul 15

I have been photographing Japanese Knot Weed and Himalayan Balsam and putting the pictures and the location of the plants on " http://planttracker.naturelocator.org/ " so that a better picture of where these awful plants are all over the UK. It can be done in two ways, I do it on my lap top but it can be done via an APP on mobiles, I am an old fart and don't understand these new fancy phones.
I did get pictures of Giant Hog Weed over the weekend and last week but not today.

If you read this please go to the website and do some reporting we all need to do our bit.

Of course I did manage a little fishing at the same time. Caught quite a few and hooked and lost far more. Not concentrating enough, not surprising really as it kept  heaving it down with rain most of the time. Guess who didn't have his waterproof on, spent quite some time hiding under trees.

  As usual it was the better fish that seemed to get off .
Got loads of photos of Balsam and Knot weed, won't bore you with them. The Giant Hog Weed has not got to here yet, thank goodness.     

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