Saturday 18 July 2015

Bradshaw Brook Firwood 18 Jul 15

After a blank yesterday I needed to catch fish today.

Thursday I had a good day for fish at Firwood, OK lost a good fish and a rod tip, so I was fairly sure that I would catch fish there and so it proved. 
 Very restricted casting had me getting out my 6' 6" rod and it worked a treat only lost one fly and two fish that I had hooked. Missed quite a lot as it is very difficult to see your fly in the gloom under the trees, most of the time I lifted to any sign of a take. I used a BWO to start and then an Adams, Adams caught the most.

 Netted the best fish of the day between these two, did my oops it's back in the river trick whilst trying for a photo. No real option but to stay in the river whilst fishing this spot. 

 Most of the fish were by the rubbish in the middle of the stream.
This was were my back cast had to go.

 Second best fish.

Out of the stream and walked up passed the weir
 Caught this in the water below not quite as restricted as the previous swim.
 Still need to take care though.
 This was behind me.
 Carried on up to a couple of very small pools had lots of takes and hooked a couple but nothing to the net. Next swims had dogs and people, went  back to the car and drove the Thicketford Road

Kids fishing the pool above the road bridge I went up and left them to it.

 The Water Crows Foot was in full bloom

 This one was just below the Crows Foot.
and this one a bit further up stream.

Well that was a very good day, not easy fishing but very good fun winkling  fish out of awkward spots. 

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