Sunday 19 July 2015

Bradshaw Brook 19 Jul 15

Fished two stretches of the brook that I have not fished for some time, in fact where I started I have not been for at least two years. Why not, well it's smelly not very long and not that easy to get to.
 Restricted casting from trees and Japanese Knot Weed
 Which is normal on Bradshaw Brook
 Not to bad on the this bit were just about all the fish came from.

 Getting a bit larger, Lost one bigger than this.

 This is were the smell was coming from bid not seem to bother the fish though.

 This one took a while to get to the net.

 Another good fish. Didn't bother with the camera for the small ones
 I lost more than I caught which would usually upset me, but with catching plenty good fish I was happy. 

Caught nothing up her near the pipe which is the top of the stretch. Went back to the car and change location to a stretch that is only a couple of hundred yards up stream of the pipe but you can not wade up to it.  

First cast on the new stretch I caught this one.
 From this pool and three others all small ones. 
The one below from under the trees.

 Another good fish sorry about the photo.

Well I thought yesterday was good but today topped it by quite a bit. Just goes to show that I do not have go to far from home to catch good fish. There are a few other places that I not been to for some time that I will have go to.

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